Public Liability Insurance

Providing protection against any potential claim made by anyone who comes into contact with your business, including members of the public.

Excellent value Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects against any potential claim made by any person or party who comes into contact with your business, including members of the public.

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We are proud to be a Chartered Insurance Broker. Only around 5% of the UK’s broking firms achieve this prestigious status. Also, we have been a BIBA Member since 2007, the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries, and their customers.

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Benefits of our Insurance Policies

  • Flexible payment options

  • Dedicated account handler

  • UK call centre

  • Access to Lloyd's of London markets

  • Wide policy coverage

  • Claim management service

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Why choose Performance Direct?

  1. The peace of mind of a Chartered Broker. Everything we do is backed by a team of skilled, experienced insurance professionals. We’re a Chartered Insurance Broker, a family company with a proud 40-year history, so we’re bound by a personal and professional code to deliver the best service for our clients.                                                                                                                                                     
  2. We’re independent. Because we’re not tied to any brand or product, we can search the insurance market to find you the best policies­. Whenever you ask for a new or a renewal quote, we search a panel of leading UK underwriters to ensure you get the lowest price and the best cover.                                                                               
  3. We’re on your side. If you need to make a claim, because we’re completely independent, we work with you to sort everything out and to make sure your claim is paid. Whether you need to sort out a hire car, arrange a new windscreen or need to make a liability claim, we are here to help assist you when you need us.                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Here for you. With a dedicated account managed team, we are here to support our clients every step of the way.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Combining the advantages of the latest technology with real world experience, Performance Direct promises the lowest prices with the most efficient service.

Public Liability insurance optional extras

Goods In Transit

We understand how vital some journeys are in guaranteeing the completion of certain jobs, therefore, we know how a Goods In Transit policy can benefit you and your business.

Business Vehicle Insurance

Tailored vehicle insurance suited to your business with fleet policies available if required

Policy Extensions

Wide range of policy extensions to suit your business insurance requirements.

Performance Direct, for all your insurance needs

It is imperative that your business has the correct level of liability insurance, Performance Direct Business Insurance has years of experience dealing with each business's unique requirements and is able to provide tailor-made liability insurance policies, often saving money along the way. 

Commercial Insurance for every business, contractors and SME's

We work with businesses locally and nationally to provide all types of commercial insurance for a huge range of business types, including contractors, SMEs and larger scale businesses. Whether you require a comprehensive insurance package or a small business insurance quote, Performance Direct is the insurer of choice for a growing number of UK businesses.

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The correct business insurance policy for your business needs

Some form of business insurance is vital whether you are an individual contractor or an employer of many. Choosing the correct insurance policy is therefore necessary in order to provide accurate coverage for the particular insurance needs of your business.

For example, having just public liability cover is sometimes sufficient for some sole traders.

Having the correct insurance cover also ensures that you are not paying out expenses for services your business does not require. Performance Direct is there to help small businesses choose exactly the policy they need.

Small and Large Business Quotes

Many small businesses immediately channel their insurance needs towards protecting against theft or damage. There are, however, many more insurance needs and requirements that small businesses need to understand and undertake.

While a property insurance may protect against stock losses, repairs and general business disruption, there may be several other insurance requirements to consider depending on the nature of your business.

Public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and employers liability insurance are among the types of insurance policies that may be required for your business.

Performance Direct is available to discuss the requirements for your policy direct with our insurance experts on hand to answer your questions. Or stay online to obtain a small business insurance quote 24/7.

The Different Types Of Business Insurance

Performance Direct's experience in the industry means that we are able to discuss with you frankly about both the exact legal requirements of insurance for your business and other insurance types you may wish to pursue. We deal with a range of business types and cover all kinds of commercial insurance. Common professional insurance needs include:

Public Liability insurance: protecting your business from any accidents arising from dealings with the public

One of the most necessary forms of insurance for businesses is public liability insurance. This covers businesses and individuals alike against any insurance dealings with the public.

Public liability insurance is often a legal requirement for many traders and businesses which deal directly with the public such as market traders or independent sales people.

A business liability insurance should also be a requirement for any business such as shops, restaurants, industries which provide a service and more. If your business comes into regular contact with the public then public liability insurance is highly recommended.In fact, public liability insurance for a small business can be a make or break factor in the survival of the business if an accident happens to a member of the public while on premises.

This is because if a customer has an accident on your premises or as a direct result of your business activities (this could be anything from an accident with a delivery driver to spilled coffee in a business meeting) then the member of the public has the right to sue for damages.

Public liability insurance will cover your businesses costs including medical costs and legal fees and payouts in these circumstances.

Without an adequate public liability insurance your business is at serious risk should any accident occur with a member of the public.

However having the correct business liability insurance will protect your business against any liabilities which may arise from public dealings and give you peace of mind to allow the continued running of your business.

Professional indemnity insurance: Covering yourself against any eventuality

Professional indemnity insurance covers you for anything which can occur between yourself and a client which could result in a lawsuit against you.

There are many circumstances where this could happen -if you handle money for a client or give advice for example. Professional indemnity insurance is highly recommended for freelance workers and sole traders for the simple reason of protecting yourself against any eventuality.

In general having a business indemnity insurance cover for yourself or your business will protect you not only during a business transaction but afterwards also. If a client has reason to pursue you for costs or damages after a project or deal has been completed then professional indemnity insurance will help to protect you from both legal and compensation costs that arise from the claim.

Even if a claim is unfounded or unsuccessful against you or your business, legal costs can still be high and therefore prove damaging to your business. By having your professional indemnity insurance in place you will be free to work with peace of mind and without disruption.

Employers liability insurance: protecting your business against employee disputes

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for businesses as soon as they take on employees. The current fine for an employer not having the correct employers liability insurance is up to £2,500 for every day that it is not available so it is rather than businesses to have the correct level of liability insurance needed.

There are exceptions to employers liability insurance such as for sole traders or businesses that employ close family members, however all paid employees, even part-time staff need to be covered under an employer's liability insurance policy.

Even if a liability cover for employers was not required by law it would still be recommended. It covers the employer for any accidental damage caused to an employee while at work- vital if your employees are using machinery for example.

It also covers you if an employee sustains a long term illness due to working, so liability cover for a small business is a must for the long-term benefit of the business.

Performance Direct is on hand to provide you your small business insurance quote, either online or direct on the telephone by one of our insurance experts. You can be sure that we will provide you the care and attention that your business deserves.

Reasons to choose Performance Direct for your commercial insurance needs

  • We are a business ourselves and pride ourselves on being small enough to care and large enough to matter. We have a working knowledge of a range of commercial insurance types and are happy to discuss your business requirements.
  • Our highly trained experts understand the needs of small businesses and can discuss this with you directly.
  • We provide businesses insurance quotes on line 24/7 via our interactive quote finder.
  • We source a range of insurance premiums for a number of business and make sure that you have the right kind of business insurance policy for your particular business needs. Your business is in safe hands with Performance Direct insurance.

We are available direct and online and happy to discuss your business worries and requirements to make sure you have all of the insurance needs for your business. Performance Direct business insurance is the first choice of SMEs across the country for a reason, we put your business first with policies that are catered towards your business requirements. We treat all of our clients on an individual basis and understand the importance of each and every business.

We source a number of different commercial insurance policies on a daily basis to maintain our position as the provider of the best and cheapest UK business insurance.

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