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Motor claims

For assistance with claims on your CAR, BIKE, VAN, MOTORHOME, HORSEBOX or CARAVAN please see the information below.

To make a claim call:
01708 986 481
To make a windscreen claim:

Inclusive Covers

Legal: 01708 925 057

Legal (for caravan policies): 08009 531 217

Optional extras

Excess Protection (before 1st March 2024): 01737 815 714,

Excess Protection (starting 1st March 2024 onwards): 03448 562 359,

Helmet & Leathers cover (for motorcycle policies): 01302 895 380

Goods in Transit (for van policies): 01612 353 800

Vehicle Replacement: 03448 562 359

Tracker Nano: 08085 090 909

What to do if you breakdown

For breakdown information please CLICK HERE.

If you're involved in an accident

We're here to take the worry out of the situation and to process claims as quickly as possible.To make sure you have everything you need, just follow these 6 simple steps in case you're involved in an accident.

1. Make sure you get basic information from the third party including name, address, vehicle details and registration.

2. Make a note of how many passengers were in the vehicle,

3. If you have a camera phone and it's safe to do so, take some photographs of the damage. If not, make a note of the extent of the damage to all vehicles.

4. Do NOT discuss or admit liability

5. If anyone is injured, you are required to stop and report the accident to the police.

6. Most importantly - call our claims line on 01708 925 057

What our claims service provides

Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a non-fault accident, our claims service provides everything you need to get back on the road as soon as possible:

  • 24 Hours UK based claims helpline.
  • Access to our industry leading solicitors to assist you and any passengers in the event an injury is suffered. Including any rehabilitation that may be required.
  • Replacement vehicle to keep you driving whilst yours is off the road. Subject to liability enquiries being completed.
  • Access to our nationwide approved network of repairers.
  • Recovery of any out of pocket expenses from the responsible party, these include but are not limited to:

- Travelling expenses
- Damage to personal items in the vehicle
- Recovery of policy excess
- Vehicle damage if not covered under your main motor insurance policy

Home claims

For claims assistance with your home insurance policy the most direct and quickest way to get to the right claims team is to log into your Insurance Account and use the make a claim section. Alternatively you can use the Home Insurance Claims Line below and we will put your call through.

Home Insurance Claims Line:
01708 925 057

Inclusive Covers

Legal cover: 01142 493 300 or email

Optional Extra

Home Emergency: 01444 444 240

Excess Protection: 03448 562 359

Business claims

For assistance with your business insurance claim please call us using the number below.

Business Insurance Claims Line:
01708 952 573

Travel claims

For assistance with your travel insurance claim please call us using the number below.

Travel Insurance Claims Line:
01708 986 481

Other claims

For assistance with any claims enquiries not provided on this page, please call us using the number below.

Claims Line:
01708 925 057