Tradesman Insurance

We offer tradesman’s insurance cover for sole traders and business owners across the UK.

Tradesman Insurance – value and choice

Performance Direct offers tradesman’s insurance cover for sole traders and business owners across the UK.

Whatever the nature of your trade we can save you time and money arranging your tradesmen insurance policies.

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We are proud to be a Chartered Insurance Broker. Only around 5% of the UK’s broking firms achieve this prestigious status. Also, we have been a BIBA Member since 2007, the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries, and their customers.

We provide insurance services to UK residents only.

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Benefits of our Insurance Policies

  • Flexible payment options

  • Dedicated account handler

  • UK call centre

  • Access to Lloyd's of London markets

  • Wide policy coverage

  • Claim management service

We search our panel of leading underwriters to find you the best policy

Why choose Performance Direct?

  1. The peace of mind of a Chartered Broker. Everything we do is backed by a team of skilled, experienced insurance professionals. We’re a Chartered Insurance Broker, a family company with a proud 40-year history, so we’re bound by a personal and professional code to deliver the best service for our clients.                                                                                                                                                     
  2. We’re independent. Because we’re not tied to any brand or product, we can search the insurance market to find you the best policies­. Whenever you ask for a new or a renewal quote, we search a panel of leading UK underwriters to ensure you get the lowest price and the best cover.                                                                               
  3. We’re on your side. If you need to make a claim, because we’re completely independent, we work with you to sort everything out and to make sure your claim is paid. Whether you need to sort out a hire car, arrange a new windscreen or need to make a liability claim, we are here to help assist you when you need us.                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Here for you. With a dedicated account managed team, we are here to support our clients every step of the way.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Combining the advantages of the latest technology with real world experience, Performance Direct promises the lowest prices with the most efficient service.

Tradesman insurance optional extras

Goods In Transit

We understand how vital some journeys are in guaranteeing the completion of certain jobs, therefore, we know how a Goods In Transit policy can benefit you and your business.

Business Vehicle Insurance

Tailored vehicle insurance suited to your business with fleet policies available if required

Policy Extensions

Wide range of policy extensions to suit your business insurance requirements.

Performance Direct, for all your insurance needs

Performance Direct is a leading independent insurance broker based in Hornchurch Essex. The company specialises in providing a wide range of insurance products including tradesman's insurance. Whatever trade or business you are involved in, if you deal directly with clients, you will need tradesman's cover. So don’t delay, save money on your tradesman's insurance, give the experienced team at Performance Direct a ring or go online for a quote now and we'll find you the best value cover for your business. 


Who needs Trade Insurance Cover?

Before taking out any commercial tradesman business insurance, you need to establish what may at first seem obvious! Do you need tradesman's insurance. 

The answer may seem simple but it’s a question worth asking. It is, after all, far better to be safe, than sorry. 

If you're employed by someone else/another company carrying out work you may well not need tradespersons insurance cover but it's always worth checking with your employer that they have the correct insurance policy in place and that your work is covered. However, if you are working directly for a customer and they are employing you to do a job, whatever that job may be, you will almost certainly need tradesman's insurance. If in any doubt, please check with the tradesman business team at Performance Direct.


The Different Elements of Cover

As a tradesperson there are various forms of insurance that you must consider, and which should be included in an all-embracing tradesperson insurance policy. At Performance Direct there is no one trade insurance product that fits all businesses . Every business has a degree of uniqueness to it and every trade has its own considerations and challenges from an insurance perspective. However, there are various elements which are commonly included in tradespeople’s cover. These are:


Public liability insurance. 

Public liability insurance will protect you against any claims made as a result of injuries sustained by members of the public as a result of the work that you are undertaking, or any damage made. One liability insurance example often cited is that if you're doing a job in someone’s house and they trip over your work box they may make an injury claim against you. In this case public liability insurance will cover you both for the claim and for any legal costs involved. Obviously liability is an area that can, at worst – as in the case of accidental death – can be extraordinarily upsetting and expensive so it's vital that you speak to your insurance company regarding the public liability cover that you require. It’s also worth noting that many companies will only offer work to independent contractors if they have public liability cover in place. 


Employers Liability Insurance 

Secondly, employers liability insurance for tradesmen. If you run a business and employ other people then you'll also need employer’s liability insurance – you will also have to prove that you hold it by providing the appropriate documentation. Employer’s liability tradesman insurance covers any employees and casual people working for you if they are injured as a result of the work that they are doing . It's also worth noting that this can also include ex-employees who make a claim on your business for injuries or damages sustained while they were working for you. Like public liability insurance, employers liability insurance is a necessity for business owners and failure to employer’s liability insurance can result in expensive fines. 


Professional Indemnity Insurance

The third type of insurance cover it's especially relevant to tradesman is what is known as professional indemnity insurance. This covers you should a client (whether a current client or ex customer) accuses you of giving bad or the wrong professional advice. Professional Indemnity Business Insurance offers protection to your business reputation and to your business operations should this occur. For example, it may be that you are a plumber who advised regarding a pipework installation in a client's house which later leaked and caused water damage to the property. This type of insurance will cover you for any damage claims (which can, of course, be very expensive) made as a result of the advice that you have offered. Obviously, professional indemnity insurance may not be relevant to every business, but think carefully whether you need this and speak to the team at Performance Direct for advice as to whether it is worth including such insurance within your insurance policy. 


Tools insurance. 

For many self-employed and tradespeople their tools and equipment are their livelihood – losing your tools or equipment, whether you're a plumber, a cleaner, an electrician, a carpenter or many other trades effectively means you can't work. Also, unfortunately, it's a true but sad fact that many tools, and vans holding tools, are targeted by thieves due to their high resale values. You can buy tool and equipment insurance as part of your business insurance package and it is often offered together with another vital element of many business insurance needs which we’ll come on to now.


Van Insurance

Performance Direct has a long history and rich heritage in offering specialist, value-for-money insurance cover to individuals, businesses and tradespeople across the UK. As a result we're now one of the UK's leading independent van insurance brokers with many thousands of clients across the country, and can offer tradespeople excellent advice and money-saving policies on their van insurance cover. Whether you are looking for tradesperson’s insurance cover or a stand-alone van insurance policy, contact our team or go online for a quote now for an excellent value van insurance policy. 


Plant and Machinery Cover 

Other common aspects of tradesmen’s insurance cover include plant and machinery cover. Such insurance policies cover your business if machinery and plant becomes damaged or stolen – importantly, and worth noting, this will cover the equipment whether it's owned outright by the business or hired in. 


Business Building Cover 

May also be included. Business building cover clearly covers your premises, fixtures and fittings should they become damaged. 


Contract Works Insurance 

Protects the business if, for any reason, you have to redo or repair any items of, for example, a construction project or ongoing job that has become damaged while the work is still ongoing. 


Business Interruption Insurance 

And, finally,  business interruption insurance will cover you if any unprecedented events mean that you have to stop work and the delivery date of your job is delayed due to factors beyond your control. 

Any insurance cover you obtain from Performance Direct will be specific to you and your business it will also depend on aspects of your business, including the nature of your work, your previous claims history and the level of cover that you need. 

Go online now you can get an instant quote from Performance Direct or call one of our expert commercial team and discuss your requirements. We will do our best, not only to ensure that you get the right cover for your commercial operation, but also save money when that is possible. We ensure thousands of tradespeople and businesses across the UK, so you'll be in good company. 


Experienced Service for all Businesses

Unlike some other elements of insurance, the intrinsic elements of cover offered to tradespeople have not changed greatly over many years. Although, of course, equipment has become more advanced (and, in some cases, expensive) and, indeed, the tasks required of tradespeople have changed the basic cover for their work, their liability, their tools, place of work and transport have remained the same. 

Performance Direct insurance is part of Grove & Dean Group, formed in 1974, and over the past nearly 50 years we've built up a wealth of experience and contacts within the insurance industry to ensure that our trade clients have a choice of the best policies for their businesses. 

Over that time we have established excellent working relationships with many of the UK's leading insurance underwriters and, as a result, can offer a wide choice of the best cover from the safest and best established names. So, whether you're a plumber, an electrician, a builder, a carpenter, a satellite dish installer, a gardener, a roofer or any number of independent tradespeople, you can be sure that Performance Direct will have experience of your working sector and will be able to offer insurance cover that's right for you. 


Insurance for Every Trade

Although there may be some highly specialist types of businesses that we have not provided insurance cover for in the past, the list of tradespeople for whom we have offered policies is very long! Insurance for house cleaners, insurance for car cleaners, insurance for painters and decorators, insurance for specialist mural painters, insurance for French polishers, insurance for stair installers, insurance for removal companies, insurance for roofing insulation fitters, insurance for plasterers, insurance for builders, insurance for carpenters, insurance for electricians, insurance for electrical contractors, insurance for electrical equipment installers, in insurance for roofers, insurance for satellite dish and television aerial installers, insurance for flooring installers, insurance for carpet fitters, insurance for plumbers, insurance for kitchen appliance fitters, insurance for kitchen fitters, insurance for curtain fitters, insurance cover for visiting tutors, insurance for gardeners, insurance for tree fellers and insurance for garden pond installers… in fact insurance for any and every trade that there is and that you can possibly imagine, now and in the future, Performance Direct will do its best offer the best value employers and public liability and business insurance cover.


Call the Commercial Insurance Experts

We hope this brief introduction into the different types and levels of tradesman insurance cover offered by Performance Direct was helpful. Obviously, speaking to one of our experts will answer any questions you may still have and, indeed, it can always be useful to discuss your business needs with someone who really understands all the facets of insurance. Our opening hours are listed on this page and, for a quick easy and cheap online quote, click the quote button and find out how much we can save you on your tradesman's insurance cover. 

So, whatever the nature of your business, whatever your trade, we’ll get you covered and get you out doing the most important thing for your business… working!

Give our tradesman’s insurance team a call on 01708 572 494, or click the quote button above for an instant quote.