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As one of the UK's leading specialist motor insurers, Performance Direct Insurance has many years of experience dealing with what are known as 'non-standard' motor insurance queries. As a result, we have gained significant experience in the motorhome insurance market. 

Providing cover for motorhomes is a specialist area and requires a dedicated and experienced insurer to ensure, not only that you receive the correct cover but also that you get the best value for money for your motorhome insurance.

We are proud to be a Chartered Insurance Broker. Only around 5% of the UK’s broking firms achieve this prestigious status. Also, we have been a BIBA Member since 2007, the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries, and their customers.

We provide insurance services to UK residents only.

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Why choose Performance Direct?

  1. The latest digital systems. Our customers enjoy all the advantages of the digital world. We offer excellent web and app-based insurance services, including a fast, easy-to-use quote engine, and automated customer services allowing hassle-free access to documents and information.

  2. The peace of mind of a Chartered Broker. Everything we do is backed by a team of skilled, experienced insurance professionals. We’re a Chartered Insurance Broker, a family company with a proud 40-year history, so we’re bound by a personal and professional code to deliver the best service for our clients.

  1. We’re independent. Because we’re not tied to any brand or product, we can search the car insurance market to get you the best policies­—from third party policies to fully comprehensive cover. Whenever you ask for a new or a renewal quote, our systems search a panel of up to 100 leading UK underwriters to ensure you get the lowest price and the best policy.

  2. We’re on your side. If you need to make a claim, because we’re completely independent, we work with you to sort everything out and to make sure your claim is paid. Whether you need to sort out a hire car or a new windscreen, our claims service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

  3. Here for you. Your Online Insurance Account, support features, and on-line quotations are available 24/7, and our office is open 6 days a week.

Combining the advantages of the latest technology with real world experience, Performance Direct promises the lowest prices with the most efficient service.

Motorhome insurance optional extras

Breakdown Cover

Breaking down during the course of a journey or the failure of your vehicle to start outside your home could result in the unexpected expense of paying for assistance. To avoid such cost and frustration, we recommend our Award Winning Breakdown Service offering varying levels of cover to suit your needs.

What’s included?

Legal Expenses

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver is identifiable and is also at fault, our Motor Legal Expense policy will give you a stress-free service to recover your uninsured losses. This service will give full management of your claim from start to finish together with legal advice available 24 hours a day.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection offers cover against having to pay an Excess on your motor insurance in the event of a Fault or unrecoverable claim.

Performance Direct, for all your insurance needs

Motorhome Club Insurance, Modified Motorhomes and more 

Over the many years in which Performance Direct Insurance has been operating we have insured thousands of motorhome and campervan owners across the UK. These have included classic motorhomes as well as the most current, high spec models. Also, as a result of our work, especially with car clubs and classic car organisations, Performance Direct Insurance has developed many contacts and relationships with motor clubs and motorhome club members. These include many motor caravan, motorhome and Motorhome owners and driver’s clubs and we are delighted to be able to offer special discounts to these club members. 

Please be sure when you phone us or go online for a motorhome insurance quote that you select that you are a member of a ‘motorhome club’ and provide your club details. We are able to offer various savings and benefits as a result of your club membership. 

Specialist Motorhome Insurance Quotes

If you're looking for excellent specialist advice and the keenest prices in the UK for your motorhome policy, contact the experts at Performance Direct insurance. Not only are our staff experienced, you'll also find an unhurried and highly professional approach to business. We understand how important your motorhome is to you and how important finding the right insurance cover will be. 

Contact us today for a quotation on your motorhome.

More about Motorhomes and Motorhome Insurance

It’s crucial to make the distinction between campervans and Motorhome as they are, in insurance terms, very different vehicles

Campervan. This is a van designed as a self-contained home. Campervans are normally smaller than a motorhome and there is generally no divide between the cab and the living quarters. 

Motorhome. A motor vehicle built on a bus or truck chassis and designed to serve as self-contained living quarters for recreational travel.

So, although some campervans may now approach the specifications of motorhomes, the two vehicles are distinct and have evolved and been developed to satisfy different users, different demographics and insurance criteria. 

Firstly, when it comes to insurance there is one very important difference; a campervan can sometimes be covered by car or van insurance (depending of course on its specifications) but motorhomes are defined as a motor caravan by the DVLA and need a specialist policy arranged. 

That's why it's incredibly important to speak to a specialist motorhome insurance broker like Performance Direct who can help you through the process and ensure you find the right policy. When you speak to us will be able to confirm using the registration number of your vehicle whether it's registered as a Motorhome or campervan, so don't worry you'll be in expert hands. 

What’s different about Motorhome insurance cover?

Motorhome insurance, just like any sort of motor cover, is a specific form of insurance cover but designed for motor homes. Sounds obvious of course but there are some essential differences that you need to be aware of when taking out motorhome insurance. Firstly, your motorhome or classic motorhome may spend a great deal of its life parked up either on your drive or while you're on holiday. Therefore, there are different considerations to be taken into account for the motorhome insurer. Obviously, the area in which you're parked, and the location’s insurance risk may come into play, also the security on the vehicle. 

Saving Money on the Cost of Motorhome Insurance 

Performance Direct Insurance can save you money on your motorhome insurance cover.

But let’s look at other factors which may influence the cost of your motorhome insurance; firstly there's mileage of course. Just like any other insurance, your annual mileage will have an influence on the amount that you pay for your insurance since if you're on the road more there's obviously more risk that you may have to make a claim. 

Using your Motorhome

Secondly how do you use your motorhome? Is it used constantly or just for a holiday once a year? Obviously, this makes a huge difference to the potential risks involved. Also, where you park your motorhome or caravan will be important. 

No Claims and Motorhome Policies

No claims discount is also important to the cost of your motorhome insurance. Importantly your no claims history doesn't have to have been earned while driving your motorhome – your no claims history as a driver will all be relevant to your motorhome insurance policy. 

Of course, one should also remember when taking out motorhome insurance that it may contain many valuable items, these might include a propane gas or electric powered refrigerator, a propane gas or electric oven or grill, perhaps a microwave oven. 

Motorhome Fixtures and Fittings Cover

There may also be a TV, room heaters and other electrical items so all these items can add up to quite a considerable value when one is considering insurance and, should the worst happen and your motorhome is stolen or lost in a fire, you should of course be able to make a full claim on these items. 

Motorhome – Outside Cover

Also, in terms of motorhome insurance, it’s worth considering what items may be on the outside of your vehicle and can be stolen, these may include awnings, bike racks, solar panels, spare tyres even wing mirrors – we've seen all these items targeted by thieves and therefore should be mentioned when you speak to us, or fill in any online quotation form regarding your insurance.

Self-build Motorhome Insurance and Modified Motorhome Insurance

Performance Direct is a specialist in motorhome insurance and so we can cover all sorts of vehicles, not just standard manufacturer models, we cater for individually customized vehicles and all sorts of modifications. Please however, let us know every modification that you've made to the vehicle so that we can make sure your insurance adequately covers your situation. 

Motorhome and Caravan Insurance for Clubs

Being a member of a campervan club, caravan club or Motorhome club will be very important in determining your motorhome insurance cost. 

With Performance Direct Insurance many owners club members receive discounts on their motorhome insurance. So, make sure when you speak to us or when you fill in your online application, that you mention any motor club discounts or memberships that may be relevant to your insurance. 

Working with Performance Direct – Specialist UK Motorhome Insurance

Going back 10 years or so, there were very few specialist companies dealing with campervan insurance and motorhome insurance. Nowadays of course with companies like Performance Direct there are real Motorhome insurance specialists who can walk you through every possible detail of the policy to make sure that you have exactly the right cover for you for your Motorhome and for your needs. 

Whether you're travelling just in the UK in Europe or even further afield (especially now post-Brexit) things can be a little bit more difficult than before) Performance Direct can help guide the way and make sure that your Motorhome insurance is fit for purpose. 

Over the years the staff at Performance Direct have experienced so many different scenarios when it comes to Motorhome insurance and camper van policies that there's probably not a single challenge they haven't faced. Indeed, they enjoy a challenge and relish particular and individual, unique Motorhome insurance conundrums to deal with!

The Cheapest and Best Motorhome Policies

Of course Performance Direct will seek out the cheapest and best value for money Motorhome insurance but it’s worth noting – as in all aspects of life – sometimes the cheapest isn't the best solution and when it comes to insuring something so precious as a camper vehicle, something that you have to rely on, it doesn't pay to cut corners. In the same way it's important to share with your insurer all the details of your camper van, its contents and any customization that's been carried out to ensure that your Motorhome insurance fully covers your needs in the event of a claim. 

Performance Direct insurers campervans and motorhomes throughout the UK, there isn't a single corner of the United Kingdom where we don't have Motorhome insurance clients with beloved camper vans and motorhomes which we lovingly insure every single year. 

Although there’s recently been a pause to many family holidays in the UK and abroad we certainly hope and look forward to more times on the road and being able to insure more camper vans before long. If of course there are any questions regarding Motorhome insurance and all aspects of insurance that you'd like to know please do give us a ring – we're not just here to give you a quote, we enjoy sharing our expertise with customers. 

Also, of course, if you're considering buying a Motorhome do contact us for a guide to the insurance you may expect to pay we're very happy to help and we're very happy to help new customers finding their way in the Motorhome world. 

Performance Direct and Motorhome Insurance – a little history.

What to expect when you contact Performance Direct insurance for your Motorhome insurance quote. Performance direct is part of Grove & Dean Group which is a family insurance broker formed in 1974. Many of our team are enthusiasts – in the case of Motorhomes many of them own their own Motorhomes and know a great deal about Motorhome holidays and motoring. So you can rest assured it's likely you'll be speaking to someone who really knows the market not only for Motorhome insurance but also the joys – and the pitfalls and risks involved – in Motorhome ownership. You can obviously ask your broker any questions you may have around Motorhome insurance but also around the general views of Motorhome driving and ownership in the UK. 

Our job is to make your time on the road as enjoyable and stress free as possible, so you have the Peace of Mind to go off into the wilderness and enjoy yourselves without having to think of mundane things like insurance… but knowing in the event of a claim that you're fully and expertly covered. 

Motorhome insurance cover and travel 

New rules on motoring in the EU came into effect in August 2021. Now it is no longer a legal requirement to carry a green card when driving your motorhome in Europe.

Since the UK has now been added to the Green Card Free Circulation area, drivers of UK-registered motorhomes, including vehicles from Northern Ireland will not need green card insurance for driving in EU countries.

However, please note, if you’re planning a trip abroad that a Green Card may still be required to drive in other countries. These countries include Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine.

We therefor recommend that anyone thinking of driving abroad remains fully up to speed with all the latest requirements. You can find out more up to date information from these Government web pages:

Motorhome Insurance Cover and Motorhome Roadside Recovery Policies. 

Many Performance Direct Motorhome insurance policies include roadside cover both in the UK and in Europe. Obviously when it comes roadside cover for camper vans and larger vehicles there are differences than from standard vehicles. So please check with us whether you wish to receive roadside insurance or not. With this in mind, if you have a separate roadside recovery policy you should check that it covers your Motorhome and that the cover extends into Europe (especially after the Brexit negotiations). 

Online Cover and Telephone Support for all Motorhome owners.

And so, in conclusion, if you own a Motorhome or you're thinking of owning a camper van if you need the correct Motorhome insurance for your vehicle, insurance that will cover not only the vehicle itself but also your valuable possessions and the fixtures and fittings within the motor home, contact Performance Direct. 

Go online for a quote or contact one of our expert Motorhome insurance staff who will be able to help answer your questions. 

We hope we have made it clear, it's vital to find the right cover and we'll make sure that we can do that for you for as cheap a price as possible. 

So, whether you own a classic Motorhome, or the latest model get in touch and we'll be able to help… putting you on the road with the best insurance cover. 

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Cheap Motorhome Insurance 

If you own a motorhome, there are clear reasons to choose Performance Direct for your motorhome cover:

  1. We're an award winning independent broker with a 30 year history and a loyal dedicated team all based in our offices in Essex. With over a hundred members of staff and access to all the UK's leading insurers, we're big enough to count and to get the best cheap rates for motorhomes, motor caravans and camper vans, but we're small enough to care too.
  2. Because we're wholly independent, we search the market to get you the best value motorhome policy. Whenever you ask for a new or renewal quote, we search a panel of up to 100 leading UK insurance schemes to ensure you get an up to the minute, market rate and the best, cheap cover.
  3. If you need to make a claim, because we're independent, we work with you, not against you, to sort everything out and to make sure your claim is paid and that any damage is repaired swiftly and as painlessly as possible. Whether you need to sort out a hire vehicle or a new windscreen, our claims service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  4. The people who work at Performance Direct are professional enthusiasts who relish a challenge or an unusual motoring challenge – a customised campervan or a classic camper – and we don't employ call centre sales staff who are only interested in the next sale.
  5. You can obtain a free online motorhome insurance quote 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and our quote facility is quick and easy to use.

So, if you drive a motorhome of any kind, for an assurance that you'll get the best cover and the best prices you can trust Performance Direct.