Motorcyclists 'should not skimp on protective wear in summer'

Motorbike owners have been reminded of the need to continue wearing protective gear when out on the road, despite the warm summer weather.

Insurer Swinton Bikes has advised motorcyclists against the temptation to leave their leathers at home due to the hot weather in the current season.

However, it stated that apparel such as thick jackets, trousers and gloves and sturdy boots should always be a priority, due to the protection this can offer if they fall off their bikes.

The company also noted that motorbike riders are more likely to get cold than hot while travelling, as well as adding that lightweight motorcycle leathers are available that are less constricting, while retaining their safety benefits.

Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton Bikes, said: "Safety is always paramount, no matter what season bikers are riding in."

Earlier this month, police in Scotland launched a new website across the nation that will provide motorcyclists with the safety tips they need to avoid accidents on the road.

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