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Kit car insurance specialist, Performance Direct, is one of the UK's leading non-standard insurers. Unlike many general insurance companies who won't handle specialist car insurance, our extensive choice of over 100 schemes, cheap online quotes and expert team provide a unique enthusiast service for kit car drivers.

Our business was founded on providing cheap cover for unusual, modified and self-build vehicles so we can often help when other companies can't. So, whatever you drive, give us a ring or click for an online kit car quote now.

All popular kit car insurance are catered for – Westfield, Caterham, Robin Hood, Gardener Douglass, DNA Kit cars, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche 356 replicas – but, please note, we provide kit car insurance in the UK only.

As a dedicated kit and replica insurance specialist we have the knowledge and experience of dealing with the specific requirements of this type of vehicle. We work hard to give the best possible kit and replica car insurance premiums to our customers.

We are proud to be a Chartered Insurance Broker. Only around 5% of the UK’s broking firms achieve this prestigious status. Also, we have been a BIBA Member since 2007, the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries, and their customers.

We provide insurance services to UK residents only.

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  • FREE legal cover 

  • Uninsured driver protection

  • Payment options

  • 24 hour claims service

  • UK call centers 

  • 2nd car discount 

  • Fraud fighting technology

Why choose Performance Direct?

  1. The latest digital systems. Our customers enjoy all the advantages of the digital world. We offer excellent web and app-based insurance services, including a fast, easy-to-use quote engine, and automated customer services allowing hassle-free access to documents and information.

  2. The peace of mind of a Chartered Broker. Everything we do is backed by a team of skilled, experienced insurance professionals. We’re a Chartered Insurance Broker, a family company with a proud 40-year history, so we’re bound by a personal and professional code to deliver the best service for our clients.

  1. We’re independent. Because we’re not tied to any brand or product, we can search the car insurance market to get you the best policies­—from third party policies to fully comprehensive cover. Whenever you ask for a new or a renewal quote, our systems search a panel of up to 100 leading UK underwriters to ensure you get the lowest price and the best policy.

  2. We’re on your side. If you need to make a claim, because we’re completely independent, we work with you to sort everything out and to make sure your claim is paid. Whether you need to sort out a hire car or a new windscreen, our claims service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

  3. Here for you. Your Online Insurance Account, support features, and on-line quotations are available 24/7, and our office is open 6 days a week.

Combining the advantages of the latest technology with real world experience, Performance Direct promises the lowest prices with the most efficient service.

Car insurance optional extras

Protected No Claims Bonus

A way to safeguard your no claims discount is to pay an additional amount on top of your car insurance to protect it. This means that even if you were to make a claim, your no claims bonus would stay intact.

Important information:

No claims discount protection does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault. No claims discount protection allows you to make one or more claims before your number of no claims bonus years falls. Please see the step-back procedure for details.

Legal Expenses

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident where the other driver is identifiable and is also at fault, our Motor Legal Expense policy will give you a stress-free service to recover your uninsured losses. This service will give full management of your claim from start to finish together with legal advice available 24 hours a day.

Breakdown Cover

Breaking down during the course of a journey or the failure of your vehicle to start outside your home could result in the unexpected expense of paying for assistance. To avoid such cost and frustration, we recommend our Award Winning Breakdown Service offering varying levels of cover to suit your needs.

What’s included?

Roadside (Assistance and Recovery)

Homestart (Assistance)

European (Assistance and Recovery)

Performance Direct, for all your insurance needs

More about kit cars

A kit car, sometimes known as a 'component car', is a vehicle that starts life as a set of parts sold by a manufacturer to be assembled. Usually, many of the major systems such as the engine and transmission are sourced from donor vehicles or purchased from other vendors. Kits vary in completeness ranging from as little as a book of plans to a complete set with all components included.

There is also a group of kit cars, known as 're-body' cars in which a standard vehicle has a new body placed on the chassis. These kits require less technical knowledge from the builder and as the chassis and mechanical systems are all standard designs.

The definition of a kit car usually indicates that a manufacturer constructs multiple kits of the same vehicle which they then in turn sell. This should not be confused with 'hand built cars' which are typically built from scratch.

Vehicle regulations in the United Kingdom allow the production of two hundred vehicles a year without all the regulation and testing needed for full-scale production cars.

The DVLA regulate all kit cars in Britain which ensures that vehicles are safe.

Many kit cars are provided with the 'Q' registration plate meaning a vehicle of unknown age. Like all cars, a kit car must pass its MOT test and have a valid car tax.

Specialist vehicle insurance 

The level and type of insurance will depend upon the particular type of kit car you have. Don’t forget that this is a specialist type of vehicle and so that insuring your kit car or replica car is going to be a different process to normal car insurance. An insurance specialist, one used to dealing with specialist motor vehicle insurance and high value vehicle insurance is necessary to ensure that you receive the best premium possible for your motor vehicle.

A replica car is not considered in the same category as a standard vehicle and can be seen as being similar to a classic or vintage car in the sense of being a high value vehicle requiring high value vehicle insurance.

One of our insurance specialists will determine the best cover for your vehicle taking into consideration such details as build, motor, trim and other details specific to your replica car.

Kit car insurance and replica car insurance can also include kit car/replica car insurance specific clauses into the premium such as a build-up clause. This gives additional peace of mind if anything were to happen to the replica car during the build process.

Collector’s car and replica car insurance

Kit cars are often classed as classic or vintage cars in their own right and a classic kit car is as high value a vehicle as a standard vehicle. Seeking out vintage car insurance will often not throw up the right results for your specialist vehicle and, many standard insurers simply will not handle kit or replica car insurance.

And that’s where Performance Direct can help. We are a dedicated UK specialist car insurer with years of experience handling premiums for high value, specialist vehicles. Our team are enthusiasts themselves and whether yours is a new or vintage kit car you can be sure we will find the best kit or replica car insurance for your vehicle.

Performance Direct can provide insurance cover for all the popular kit car brands. So, whether you're looking for Westfield kit car insurance, Caterham insurance or insurance cover for your Robin Hood kit, DNA kit or for any replica vehicle insurance, give us a call or get a cheap online kit car insurance quote now.

Choosing Performance Direct

Part of Grove & Dean Group – a family company formed in 1974, Performance Direct is now one of the UK’s leading specialist vehicle insurers and leaders in the filed of what the industry calls ‘ non standard cover’. Non standard insurance cover includes Kit Car and collectors car insurance, an area which requires specialist knowledge and skill and one which, indeed, is often ignored by other more mainstream insurers. That’s why it’s so important to consult a specialist who knows the market and the vehicles involved. For example, kit cars are often their creators’ pride and joy – they having built them from scratch – so it’s clear their drivers will value and respect these vehicles, wanting the best possible fully comprehensive cover. Our team understand this and that’s why our specialist and bespoke kit car policies offer the cover and peace of mind you’d expect.

If you’re not sure, simply give us a ring, speak to us and you’ll soon realise we understand the market and will work hard to find you the best kit car insurance policy.