Modified Car Insurance

Although many general insurance companies simply don't understand modified cars, Performance Direct specialises in modified car insurance and can find the best value policies, online and on the phone.

In fact, in many cases, with Performance Direct, modifications to your car will make no difference to the price of your insurance.

So, whether you're looking for young driver insurance or convicted driver insurance, if you've simply fitted alloy wheels or made extensive modifications, Performance Direct are the modified car insurance experts.

We provide car insurance in the UK only.

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More About Modification

Any car that has additions or alterations to its standard factory specification is what the insurance industry calls a 'non standard' or modified vehicle. Modifications may include the fitting of a new performance exhaust system alloy wheels, air filter, the fitting of body kits or any tuning procedures that enhance the performance of the vehicle.

It is imperative that you tell your insurer if your car has been modified in any way. If you don't, your modified car insurance may be invalid. If in doubt, ask.

Remember, by dealing with Performance Direct, we can guarantee that you are fully covered for the best possible price.

More About Performance Direct

If you drive any vehicle, whether it's modified, updated or standard, there are five clear reasons to choose Performance Direct for your cover:

  1. We're an award winning independent insurance broker with a 30 year history and a dedicated team all sbased in our offices in, Hornchurch, Essex. With over a hundred members of staff we're big enough to count, but small enough to care.
  2. Because we're totally independent, we search the car insurance market to get you the best motor policies - from third party policies to fully comprehensive cover. Whenever you ask for a new or renewal quote, we search a panel of up to 100 leading UK underwriters to ensure you get the best, cheap cover.
  3. If you need to make a claim, because we're independent, we work with you to sort everything out and to make sure you're paid. And our claims service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  4. The people who work at Performance Direct are insurance professionals, we're enthusiasts who relish a challenge or an unusual insurance situation - we don't employ call centre sales staff only interested in the next sale.
  5. Performance Direct is open 7 days a week and our free online quote engine is the best, quickest and most advanced there is.

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