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Business Insurance: Performance Direct caters for all types of insurance for businesses across the UK.

From insurance quotes for small and new businesses to business insurance and business liability policies for SMEs and blue chip corporations, we pride ourselves on providing insurance that fully meets the organisation's needs in terms of quality, choice of cover and value for money.

In addition, as a result of our highly experienced approach and expert teams, we aim to reduce the amount of executive time needed to buy business insurance. In other words, we provide cheap, quality insurance cover that saves UK businesses' time and money.

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Our business insurance policies encompass all aspects of corporate cover, from business building insurance, business contents insurance, business liability insurance, business equipment insurance to business interruption insurance, from insurance quotes for small businesses to business contents insurance, business liability cover and employee insurance to business owner insurance.

Over the past years Performance Direct UK business insurance has grown and, in that time, we've seen many of our clients businesses grow too. And as they have, their business insurance needs have changed reflecting changes in their fortunes, with more employees and diversifying activities.

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Also of course, the nature or goods and services being covered has changed. New technology, IT, the internet and the digital world has revolutionised the types of business insurance cover required and, now that so many corporate assets and records are stored and secured within computers, specialist business insurance policies have had to be created to address these needs. Nowadays, for example, the loss of email and computer systems can cripple many businesses and this has to be reflected in our UK business contents insurance for small businesses and large businesses alike.

As a family run commercial insurance broker, but employing over 130 people, Performance Direct’s UK business insurance service has the ability to grow with our clients; we're still small enough to offer exceptional levels of customer service but we're now large enough to offer a choice of business insurance quotes and policies from all the major underwriters and all the best insurance and corporate assurance cover. Whether firms are looking to buy cheap small business insurance, or if they want detailed advice on UK corporate insurance and business contents insurance, our agents are ready and able to help. Also, unlike many commercial brokers, Performance Direct’s business insurance and business liability insurance service has embraced the best aspects of new technology – not only do we use the latest office systems to improve our service to businesses we also have a thorough understanding of how new technology affects the businesses we insure.

As well as many different types of organisations; the list is massive, from business insurance for start up and sole trader companies, like plumbers and hairdressers, to established national firms like high street retailers, manufacturing and construction companies to those requiring insurance for the motor trade, Performance Direct for Business provides cheap business insurance quotes to business owners and their executives across Great Britain. As a leading business insurance and UK business contents insurance broker we arrange liability insurance and business cover for organisations in London, Birmingham, Manchester and all across the UK. We also deal with business cover in Scotland, in Glasgow and Edinburgh and as far north as Wick. We cover a huge variety of UK business insurance risks all with the same care and attention. On many occasions, although a new risk may not carry a high premium, it will take a great deal longer for us to administer – it many be an unusual business or an unusual business insurance risk. At Performance Direct for Business we're happy to take the extra time for our business insurance clients because we know if we try that little bit harder to find the best solutions that we'll be rewarded with satisfied and, importantly, loyal long term clients.

Loyalty is important in our business, as it is in all walks of life. Although so many newspapers and commentators encourage shopping around when it comes to insuring businesses, at Performance Direct for Business we believe in relationships and, as long as we do our best to keep our business insurance quotes down at renewal, we think that an ongoing relationship and understanding between business and broker is vital to ensure the best cover, complete peace of mind and minimal administration at the lowest cost.

Many of Performance Direct for Businesses' clients have been with the company for many years. Typically, the relationship will start with a simple phone call to our office, perhaps based on a recommendation (a great deal of our corporate work comes through word of mouth recommendation from other businesses we cover). These telephone calls will be handled by a member of our business insurance team and then, depending on the nature of the call and the business involved and the policy required, this will then be referred to a member of the broking team – who will offer a business insurance quote – with specific experience of the insurance cover required.

Obviously with so many different types of organisations requiring business insurance, contents insurance and liability insurance quotes – some involving specialist business risks, dangerous and hazardous goods – we ensure business clients are offered the best levels of brokerage expertise. If you add up the years' of business insurance and assurance experience under Performance Direct for Business's roof it comes to many hundreds so, when clients call us, they are guaranteed a broad knowledge base, experienced customer care and expert service. Despite all the computerised systems, internet quote engines and business price comparison web sites, its still good people that make for great customer service and peace of mind and we will never lose sight of that important fact.

Lastly, but crucially, in the event of a claim, Performance Direct for Business works hard to make sure that claims are settled rapidly and to the satisfaction of all parties. It is, of course, when business claims have to be made, that the true value of our service and the quality of our underwriters and cover become apparent. Once again, in this area of commercial broking, experience counts, as do the relationships we maintain, both with the customers who buy insurance and the underwriters who, ultimately, are required to pay out on the policies they issue.

In consumer circles, insurance is often referred to as a ‘distress purchase' or, in other terminology, it's not something we want, just something we have to have! As far as corporations are concerned we'd disagree; with the right agents, the best comprehensive business cover can provide a solid financial foundation for the whole business. It's fundamental to a solid commercial operation.

So, from insurance and business liability insurance quotes for small businesses looking to buy cover for the first time, to large companies – manufacturers, retailers, financial services, factories, service organisations and consultancies – for the best UK business insurance cover at the lowest cost, Performance Direct for Business offers the one stop solution. And our commercial insurance brokers are only a phone call away. We look forward to talking to you about your decision to buy business insurance.

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