Me, my home insurance and my wardrobe

31. August 2011

Goth Couple - Photo by Alan Johnson from UK (Goth)I think I dress normally. Others, it seems, think otherwise.

I suppose I do wear a bit more colour than most men (not difficult) and I suppose I do attempt to dress a bit differently from other men (not difficult), preferring to be an individual rather than a member of a herd.

It's not like I'm Quentin Crisp, the Marquis of Bath or anything, I don't go out of my way to be outrageous, I just find most High Street men's clothes unbelievably dull. Dull in colour, dull in design and, often, dull in cut.
Dull clothes for the dull sex?

And it's not just the high street. Try Camden Market. There's every conceivable sort of women's clothing on offer but for men?!

T Shirts and 'vintage' clothes (which really means outrageously expensive jumble sale clothes that smell and don't fit properly) and, apart from some stupid Goth attire, that's it. Camden Market, the UK's alternative fashion market! You might as well go to Burtons. But, while we're on the subject, WHO actually shops at Burtons? Who? There can't be that many Curry's shop assistants can there, or rioters needing  a sensible suit for their day in court?

But I digress.

The point I was trying to make is that, although they aren't expensive, my clothes have been sought out and are thus rare, cherished, and should they be damaged (or God forbid, stolen!!) they would be very difficult and expensive to replace. So, and here we are at last at the point, when valuing my clothes for my home contents insurance, I've made sure they're properly covered. £20,000 may look like a lot of money to spend on clothes but, when you add up everything - from socks, to suits, posing pouches, coats, shoes (much of which, in my case, will have been bought in sales), it all adds up very quickly.

So, however, you dress. Whether it's in Burton's best or in Savile Row's finest, when it comes to your clothes, make sure you're fully covered. Or you could end up catching a cold (and freezing your nuts off).

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