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15. June 2011

beard limerickThe sun is shining, all's right with the world and I'm feeling slightly poetic.

The question is, is there poetry to be found in home insurance, buildings and contents cover, quotes on line to save you time, quotes on the phone for executive homes, agreed valuations for valued possessions, and a choice of insurers for bricks and for mortar?

Sounds like there might be..!

I could always cop out and write a Haiku. I always used the write them at school because, at just three lines long, they were a doddle and entirely justifiable as 'art' to sceptical teachers.

Covers my home apart from
Acts of God

OK, so it's a bit of a rubbish excuse for an artistic work of Home Insurance but it is the right length - 3-7-3 (I think?) - and thus, thankfully, brief.

But, I prefer a bit more rhyme in my home and contents cover musings, so how's this?

There was a young man from Romford
Who insured his home for his comfort
So when burglars attacked
He remained quite laid back
And was happy with what he was offered.

Hmmm. I suppose if I thought anyone other than Performance Direct and a search computer were reading this I could have made more of an effort but, as it is, they aren't so, I shouldn't try too hard.

For the best UK Home Insurance policies, buildings and contents cover, online and on the phone contact the experts at Performance Direct now. For poetry, perhaps not.

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