Home Insurance and Questionable Intelligence

3. May 2011

San Francisco Earthquake & Fire 1906I'm off on holiday, so just a quick insight into the fascinating world of home and buildings insurance, home contents insurance and all matters related to cheap insurance cover for your house, your possessions and your bricks and mortar.

I was watching QI on the TV last night and there was a piece on it related, interestingly, to insurance and specifically, house insurance! More of that later but it did get me wondering how much knowledge in the UK is now disseminated by QI? An awful lot I would guess. In fact people now probably know more bizarre tip bits of knowledge that they do the 'big things', the stuff we should perhaps know... We're a nation of trivia, a trivial nation.
Just a thought.

But, to return to the subject of home contents cover and buildings insurance. It turns out that more destruction was caused after the San Francisco earthquake (1906), by fire than by the act of God itself!
Well there was gas lighting of course, so fire must have been a constant threat. Well yes, but it turns out many of the fires were started deliberately by householders who realised their insurance policies wouldn't cover them for the earth quake risk but would cover them for fire damage. So they set fire to their own homes in order to make a successful claim!

This is not a course of action we would recommend. It's dangerous, illegal and, nowadays, arson is relatively easily proven by the fire brigade!

Still, I thought you might be interested. Thanks Stephen Fry, Dave and to the wonderful world of home and buildings insurance for such a rich vein of insurance blog related trivia.

I'm off now. Call Performance Direct for a cheap home cover quote or go on line for a quote right now! Go on, just do it!

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11/07/2011 00:25:58 #
There are so many homeowners today who are engaging with home insurance. With this they could secure the safety of their properties. We cannot predict our future so it is must that we should take a move for us to be ready for the future.

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