Steve McQueen's Porsche 911 Sells For Over A Million Dollars

26. August 2011

Steve McQueen's love affair with what we now appreciate as classic cars, inspired him to consider becoming a professional racing car driver. McQueen won the 3 litre class in the annual 12 Hours of Sebring motor sport endurance race in 1970 driving his Porsche 908 with co-driver Peter Revson. Mcqueen somehow completed this race with his foot in plaster following a motorbike accident a fortnight before. Just 23 seconds behind overall winner Mario Andretti and his partner in a 5 litre Ferrari, it was pretty clear McQueen was blessed with a choice of professions.More...

The Alternative Choice For Summer Cruising - The Lantana RouteBuggy M800i

21. April 2011

Lantana RouteBuggy M800iBaja, dune, beach, The Monkees, California, The Thrills, The Thomas Crown Affair.. Just some of the myriad of potent words and images that takes over your mind at the merest mention of the charm of the beach buggy.

It's timeless quality is there to be applauded as various modern vehicle's dip a sidelong nod of respect to this classic icon of hot American summers. For example, you might just feel that the new Nissan Juke may not have been born with such compact sweeping lines & high arches without the existence of arguably, the first well known kit car.

But back to the point, have you seen the Lantana M800i RouteBuggy? I had to do a double take to check it wasn't built on an old Beetle chassis. But this is definitely no antique Californian hiding under Botox and plastic surgery.. More...