Me, my home insurance and my wardrobe

31. August 2011

Goth Couple - Photo by Alan Johnson from UK (Goth)I think I dress normally. Others, it seems, think otherwise.

I suppose I do wear a bit more colour than most men (not difficult) and I suppose I do attempt to dress a bit differently from other men (not difficult), preferring to be an individual rather than a member of a herd.

It's not like I'm Quentin Crisp, the Marquis of Bath or anything, I don't go out of my way to be outrageous, I just find most High Street men's clothes unbelievably dull. Dull in colour, dull in design and, often, dull in cut.
Dull clothes for the dull sex?

And it's not just the high street. Try Camden Market. There's every conceivable sort of women's clothing on offer but for men?! More...

Imagine No Possessions

8. August 2011

Photograph By Roy KerwoodI've just returned from a very brief trip to the USA staying in the Hollywood Hills in the home of a very famous songwriter. I won't mention his name but I guarantee you would have heard his songs. You probably even know all the words.

In short, this man is loaded. His home, perched on a cliff with an infinity pool and a forest for a garden must be worth millions. And it's not his only house of course. He owns homes and buildings across America and in the UK too.

But, and here's the amazing part, what do you think he chooses to furnish his luxurious homes with - designer furniture, the latest audio visual and computer technology, Persian carpets, rare artworks, painting and jewellery? Er no. The answer is basically, nothing. Well not much anyway. More...