Jamie Oliver's 23 Window Split Screen Camper Van

17. October 2011

Jamie Oliver's 23 window SambaI've always been into food, not in a (getting) big way, you understand, but actual cooking. Couple that with my love of classic cars and vans and you have a match made in heaven when you put everything into a great big melting pot and serve up a portion of Jamie Oliver and a classic Camper Van. More...

Porsche 912 – The Poor Man's 911?

29. June 2011

1967 porsche 912A friend of mine, Chip, recently acquired a 1967 Porsche 912 for around 9 grand. The vehicle was originally a Californian (left-hand drive) model, & if the rumours were to be believed, the colour of the after effects of something bad eaten the night before. This classic now sits comfortably along side the Camper Van he is also currently restoring. He must be getting very familiar with organising his classic car insurance these days. I couldn't wait to see it, I'm a big fan of Porsche and familiar with the classic 911 and the beautiful vintage 356 (my dream car), but not so much the 912..

The other night I got to be a passenger in this automobile and have a look over it. More...