UK Riots: Making An Insurance Claim For Property And Vehicular Damage - Updated

15. August 2011

london met police in riot gearDue to the recent unrest in the capital and various other major cities in England, many people may have concerns regarding their insured property and vehicles and what to do in the event of loss or damage as a direct result of the riots.

Information regarding riot damage is laid out at the foot of this piece, but I will also sum up some of the crucial points to remember.

It is important to be aware that should you suffer from losses or damage as a result of the London riots that you now have a 42 day period from the onset of damages or losses occurring to report any claims against the local authority. We would still recommend that you should contact Performance Direct or your relevant insurer within 7 days to allow the processing of the claim to commence as soon as possible.

This concession was announced this morning (15 August) in Parliament. The increase from the statutory 14 days to 42 days in light of the scale of of the recent riots across the UK will allow for a more comprehensive assessment regarding each claim.

If you have been prevented from returning to your property (for safety reasons for example), you will still need to report the incident to your insurance company as soon as you possibly can, even though the claim itself may take some time to fully assess. More...