Home Insurance and Contents Insurance at Christmas

16. November 2011

Christmas insuranceHave you heard this story?

A wealthy couple receive an unexpected surprise. They receive two tickets to the theatre in a competition neither of them can even remember entering.  What a nice surprise!

So, on the night, they get all dressed up, go into town and enjoy the show.

But when they return home later that night, they find that they've been well and truly burgled - ­ the thieves (who obviously arranged the whole thing) have taken the opportunity to clean them out of their valuables. Home insurance, or no home insurance, a cunning stunt, a good story and, if you've ever experienced a burglary, a very unpleasant and scary experience.

And so now, as we head toward Xmas, I thought it worth telling another story of an incident which happened a few years ago in our local area. More...