Classic Military Jeeps and Retro Off-Road Vehicles - Who Wouldn't Want One?

18. April 2011

Willy's Jeep - Photography by BrokenSphereAs a small child I was always fascinated with a particular old, rusted, rotten, vehicle parked at my Granddads house.  My Granddad was a car fanatic and in his later years was always seen in a large wallowing Mercedes.  As a young man and mechanical enthusiast he had owned a wide range of cars, racing cars, vans and just about anything with four wheels and an engine before finally sticking to large Mercedes saloons considering them to be by far the best engineered car.  Only one non-Mercedes vehicle remained on his property and that was an original WW2 Canvas Top Willys Jeep.  Bought in the 1960's for my Mum and Uncles to drive about off road, by the time I was growing up, this particular piece of automotive history had already rusted far beyond being a project car and was mainly used by me and my cousins as a play thing so we could pretend that we were in the army and driving along in it.  It was a very sad day when finally it was collected from his car park to go off to Jeep heaven.

For that reason the Willys Jeep has always had a special place in my heart - I mean who doesn't love the automobiles from their childhood? - and as such I've always wished that I could justify buying one.  Retro off-road vehicles needn't be horrifically expensive with some real bargains out there for someone who knows one end of a spanner from the other and specialist classic car insurance is easy to arrange through Performance Direct.  The trouble is that although the Willys Jeep was a childhood favourite and  was the vehicle to coin the term "Jeep" back in 1941 there are so many other retro 4x4's that are well worth considering if you're in the market. More...