Panhard Vintage Cars - Surprising Innovators

13. July 2011

Classic Panhard Dyna ZI was having one of those days where you trawl the net for something to inspire you. I thought, I know, I’ll look up odd classic cars. Almost immediately I found a French vintage automobile, the Panhard, mentioned in a classic car blog with a comment that it “..looks like it’s sucking on a lemon..” – and yes, it really does. It also has a vague hint of the retro-inspired Nissan Figaro about it.

I’d never heard of it, I confess, but the company was founded way back in 1891 when it was called Panhard et Levassor, and they currently manufacture military vehicles.

The Panhard company was under the ownership of Citroen for around 40 years prior to 2005 and they ceased production of civilian motor vehicles in 1968.

But let’s not mock too much here, as with various other French car manufacturers, the company was a very forward thinking organisation.  More...