Curb Appeal

13. October 2011

Curb Appeal - House FrontPropped up in bed this morning going through my emails, watching TV, the programme's subject turned to the state of the UK property market. It's in stagnation apparently. We're not moving at the moment so that in itself wasn't of any particular interest.

However, to close the interview a property expert was asked what, in this stagnated market, was the one thing he advised property sellers to do to increase the chances of a sale.

We've all probably heard the stories about making sure the smell of freshly baked bread fills your house, that it's tidy of clutter and that all your best and most expensive collectables and electronic items should be placed sparklingly on show. But apparently, before prospective buyers walk through your door, the most important thing you can do is to give your property 'Curb Appeal'. The presenter on the TV thought the expert had said 'curve appeal', wondering if shapely young lady estate agents were the key to the sale. More...