Something Lurking in my Loft

25. July 2011

Original Artwork by Banksy - Photography by User Shermozle on en.wikipediaWe're thinking of having a new bathroom put in the attic of our house. It'll add value to our home and give me somewhere to escape to contemplate my home insurance policies. The attic was converted in the 1960's but there's plenty of space and it's very solid up there.

But, obviously, I wanted to check the joists to make sure the roof would take a full bath and me in it ­ and I wouldn't come crashing through the ceiling (and having to claim on my home insurance). So, we lifted some floor boards to check, only to find what can only (and accurately) be described as thousands of petrified pellets of poo. Loads of it. Bags full, filling the cavity between the floorboards and the ceiling below. The house I should say is over 100 years old and, although I'm no expert at poo dating, these deposits did look VERY ancient indeed. More...