Space. The Final Frontier. De-clutter Your House the Russ Wall Way

4. October 2011

Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge - Photo by Kreg SteppeBeen tidying the house this week. A sort of Autumn Clean, making space for newer clutter to take the place of the older clutter I'd done my best to forget about. It doesn't half help you focus, not only on how the years are rolling by, but also as to when is the right time to throw things away?

Videos and DVDs and, for that matter, old TVs, CD players, cassette decks and a worryingly large collection wide shouldered suits ­ will I ever really need them again? Will my insurance clients ever require me to 'power dress'?!

In the case of music and films (and my Star Trek 'The Next Generation' Video Collection), before long you'll just be able to stream them all (legally ­ don't get me started on digital piracy) anyway. So why keep them? More...