Are Modern Cars Just Too Sensible?

9. September 2011

porsche boxter spyderYou may have noticed that I'm not a great fan of the modern car. They lack emotion in the majority of cases. Emotion is what makes you part with your hard earned cash in the first place. Take emotion out of the equation and you're left making sensible decisions – and you buy a Ford Mondeo.

But what has made the modern car so dull? Where do I begin with so many reasons to choose from? Looking out of the office window yesterday I realised that the default colour for the UK is grey. Grey skies, grey roads, grey pavements and grey walls and roofing. Grey. Yet rather than brighten our roads up with colour, most cars are silver – which is really just metallic grey. If they were really silver they would look like the silver plated Bentley Continental GT that we've all probably seen on a viral email. More...