The Batmobile From 1989 To Present - From Lincoln To Jet Engined Race Car

6. January 2012

tim burton's batmobileThe first Batmobile was red, or at least, an early depiction of the classic vehicle was in a DC Comics edition from 1939. Yes, I raised an eyebrow at how long ago that was too. But it wasn't till much later that the Batmobile that we know, love and envy became the norm with it's Cadillac-style tailfins.

In fact, tailfins weren't just an iconic aesthetic of the early Cadillac, they were a stabilisation aid in crosswinds. By placing the centre of pressure as far back on the car as possible, this would apparently reduce the amount of steering correction required by the driver. It got a bit much by the time the Cadillac Eldorado appeared in 1959 though, and their size steadily reduced thereafter. Unless you owned the Batmobile of course..More...