Non Standard Awards - Twice Around the World in a Mini 1275 GT

21. April 2011

Mini 1275GT at Beaulieu Motor MuseumBack in 1996 Duncan Mortimer set himself the incredible challenge of taking his 1978 Mini 1275 GT all the way around the world.  A slightly crazy challenge I'm sure you'll agree but as he was raising money for his favourite charities it was a journey that he very much believed in.  Over the course of 130 days he covered 14,000 miles on the road crossing the USA, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe.

The arduous route towards automotive history didn't put adventurer Duncan off and if anything only served to encourage him because in 1999 he decided to do it all again but to go much further.  This time his route took him across the USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Iran before travelling back via Europe.  His second trip around the world clocked up 24,000 miles in 11 months for which he achieved The Guinness World Record. 

In 2009 Duncan once more started preparing for a third attempt to travel around the world, once more in his well-travelled Mini 1275GT.  For this trip Duncan approached the Performance Direct Non Standard Awards to help him with funding and was awarded one of our prestigious awards which included a large amount of the funding that he needed.  Alongside more generalised insurance, Performance Direct are renowned for being able to insure the more Non Standard vehicles such as offering some great classic Mini car insurance fit for anyone driving an original Mini or any other sort of classic or vintage vehicle.  More...