The Green House

8. August 2011

Green Screen - Photography by Jared TarbellThis weekend I was in Southend on the East Coast shooting a video for a Rockford's Rock Opera ­ the ecological musical story. Since the project is all self financed we have to be careful about the money we spend and so the video director looked for alternatives from the normal commercial video studios where these things are normally done.

However I must admit, pulling up outside a very normal looking chalet bungalow property on a normal street, I wondered if he'd taken his money saving brief a bit too far? Were we to shoot this video in someone's front room? This could have been the 'concept' of course, The Cure once shot a video in a cupboard, but since the idea behind this creative was definitely not domestic, I began to wonder. More...

Imagine No Possessions

8. August 2011

Photograph By Roy KerwoodI've just returned from a very brief trip to the USA staying in the Hollywood Hills in the home of a very famous songwriter. I won't mention his name but I guarantee you would have heard his songs. You probably even know all the words.

In short, this man is loaded. His home, perched on a cliff with an infinity pool and a forest for a garden must be worth millions. And it's not his only house of course. He owns homes and buildings across America and in the UK too.

But, and here's the amazing part, what do you think he chooses to furnish his luxurious homes with - designer furniture, the latest audio visual and computer technology, Persian carpets, rare artworks, painting and jewellery? Er no. The answer is basically, nothing. Well not much anyway. More...

Rowan Atkinson Crashes Beloved McLaren F1

5. August 2011

mr bean in miniIn a week when it emerged that Sooty briefly hospitalised Paul Daniels (google it) it was to be no real surprise that Mr Bean would follow this by crashing his car. To be fair, this wasn't Mr Bean rolling his Mini, it was Rowan Atkinson crashing his beloved McLaren F1, which he bought in 1997 for around £650,000 and which is now estimated to be worth around £2.5 million. Apparently escaping without serious injury, the Blackadder star had ironically only recently registered the fastest lap time as a guest on the BBC's Top Gear programme. Though of course, if he wants something a little more sedate following the crash, there is always the racing wheelchair from the film, Johnny English, to leave hospital in, should he need it.More...

Batmobile - A Ford Lincoln still turning heads

4. August 2011


original lincoln based batmobileI suspect that I'm not alone in saying that one of my favourite films is American Graffiti – it has everything. The nostalgia of youth through the rose tinted way we tend to look at the 1950's and early 60's bathed in late afternoon sunlight. Add to that the romance of the American craze of street racing and customised cars and you have a winner.

But what of customising? Why do we do it? I've just been reading about George Barris, the guy that created the customised car that was used in the series Batman in the 1960's, you know the one, Adam West, Burt Ward – Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights..

George Barris is happy to be known as the “king of the kustomizers” and has been obsessed with tricking out cars since the 1940's. More...